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How to send a fax

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To send a fax by using the VoxSun portal:
  • Acess the VoxSun portal at the following link:
  • Enter your login information
  • From the "Extensions" table near the bottom of the page, click on the link corresponding to your company name
  • Click on "Send a fax"
  • Enter the phone number(s) (separated by commas)
  • Click on "Browse..." to select the file you wish to fax
    The VoxSun system supports the following formats: PDF, JPG, TIFF
  • Click OK to send the fax(es)
To send a fax by email:
Before you are able to send a fax by email, you must add your email address in the list of authorized emails. From the VoxSun portal:
  • Click on the "Extension Settings" icon
  • Under the "Centre de Fax" section, add the emails in the "Accept faxes from email" section
  • Click on OK to save
You must compose an email containing the following information:
  • To: e2021a9116fc5f39aa30009300d9e8ab3fb6517718fda422cb17f39ac9c8d03b77a327066c79da3a?t=d8dcf1f484e288394218ce6ffc1353d0
  • Subjet: Number(s) where you wish to send your fax. It is possible to put several numbers by separating them with spaces.
  • Message body: Do not write anything in the body
  • Attachments : Attach the documents you wish to fax. The system supports JPEG, PDF and TIFF files.


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