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How do I send a virtual fax by email?

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Before you can send a fax by email, you must add your email address in the list of authorized emails so that our system knows that your email address is linked to your account;
1. Login to VoxSun Portal with your fax account login.
2. From the table near the bottom of the screen, click on the blue link in the extensions table.
3. Click on the "Extension Preferences" icon.
4. Write the email addresses that should be authorized to send out faxes in the "Accept fax from email/domain" line.
Note: If your company has its own domain name, you can add it here instead of an individual address so that all users under your domain could use the email to fax service. It's important to never add a free email service domain (ex:,, etc.) to this list, however.
5. Click on the "OK" button to save the settings.

To send a fax from your email, compose an email message containing the following information:
"To" field:
"Subject" field: The fax number to which you want to send your fax. This number must not have any symbols, dashes, nor spaces. Ex: 5146000152
Message body: Do not write anything in the body.
Attachments: Attach the document that you wish to fax. We recommend a PDF document, but the system also supports JPEG and TIFF files.
An important note: When faxing a PDF file, ensure that you do not fax a PDF document containing scripts. When filling out a complicated PDF, always use a "print to PDF" feature to export to a PDF file that you

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