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How much does your system cost?

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VoxSun Telecom offers you a “cloud” based system, this means that our lines are virtual. In other words, one line at VoxSun is equivalent to 2 lines from most telecom operators.
With VoxSun telecom’s BOOST System, we guarantee you up to 2 simultaneous calls per line in case you experience an increase in the volume of your calls. You can therefore have 2 outgoing calls or one outgoing call + one incoming call per line.
VoxSun knows that you need to be constantly connected, and to get you the best price, we provide you with the “BOOST”, that multiplies the capacity of your lines for free and is automatically based on your current needs.
Most operators will charge you one line per user, therefore one line per extension, but this method of invoicing and resourcing is not suitable for today's businesses. That's why VoxSun allows you to subscribe to lines on one side and extensions on the other side to best meet your true needs and a better rate and more flexibility.
The cost of the system is made up of 2 parts:
1st part - The monthly service:
Unlimited Canada and US line at $29.99 each
Each extension at 4.99 each
E911 Service at $1.99
For example: A total of 5 lines will cost you 5 x $29.99
= $149.95 + 20 extensions x $4.99 = $99.8 + 1 E911 service x $1.99 = $249.75 + government taxes
2nd part - The equipment:
Please note that if your telephone devices are compatible with the VoxSun system you will only need the VoxSun router and the reconfiguration service. Here is the list of compatible phones:
Telephone sets:
Using the same example, you would need 20 Yealink phones...
20 T41S x $139.99 = 2799.98 + 1 router x $99.99 + 1 system setup for $99.99 = $2999.78

Here is the list of all our devices:
VoxSun hardware is under warranty and of course financing solutions are available for purchases over $2,000.

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