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How do I remotely access my voicemail?

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VoxSun's system is flexible and includes three ways to access your voicemail messages remotely.

First method: Voicemail to email
One of our most beloved features is the ability to receive voicemails that are left on the phone to an email address. As soon as a caller leaves you a voicemail, the phone system will email you the message with the caller's name and phone number in the subject line and their message as an attached audio file. It's a very efficient way to manage and listen to your voicemails from anywhere you can access your emails.
If your email address was provided during the configuration of the phone system, this free feature should already be active! If not, please contact with your extension number and email address so that we may activate it for you.

Second method: Remote access by phone
If you have limited access to the Internet or emails, you can access your voicemail remotely through any phone by following these steps:

1. Call your VoxSun system's phone number that is connected to your IVR (greeting menu).
2. Dial the three or four digit extension number of the phone whose voicemail you wish to check.
3. Wait until the voicemail greeting answers and press on the star "*" key during the greeting.
4. You will now be prompted for your password PIN and then you’ll have access to the voicemail system the same way as you would through your phone.

Third method: Through the VoxSun Portal
If you have access to your user account on the VoxSun phone system portal, you can also access your voicemail through a web browser:
1. Log in to the VoxSun Portal with the information provided by your phone system's administrator.
2. Click on the "Voicemail" icon.
3. You can now see a list of the voicemails and you can listen, download or delete each voicemail from the table.

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