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How can I configure one of the keys on my phone with one of my employees’ extensions?

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To configure the buttons on the side of the screen as speed dial buttons, which also allows you to see the status of the extension, follow these steps:
1) Press and hold the button you want to configure until a configuration window opens.
2a) To configure a BLF type button, which allows you to see if the extension is online, configure the following options:
Type: BLF
Account ID: Line 1
Wording: Write the name you want to give this button.
Value: Write "XXXX*" followed by the extension number. For example, to configure a button for extension 101, write XXXX*101. Replace XXXX by the ID of your PBX.
Extension: Leave this field blank.
2b) To configure an auto-dial button for an external number, follow these steps:
Type: Speed Dial
Account ID: Line 1
Wording: Write down the name you want to give this button
Value: The telephone number to dial
3) Press the "Save" button to save the configuration

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